Dead Dogs Dance (2013)

by Tourettes

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released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Tourettes Auckland, New Zealand

Dominic Hoey aka Tourettes is a poet, author and musician

based in Auckland, New Zealand. Under the moniker Tourettes, Dominic
has released four critically acclaimed studio albums. In a former life,

he was an MC battle and slam-poetry champion. He has performed
his poetry around the world
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Track Name: Chernobyl Ft Shocking and Stunning and Tamsyn
Over sexed and underpaid
- everyday’s like a holiday
Cambodia 1978
perfect family getaway
gasoline and boredom
radiation poisoning
apocalyptic courtship's
this is fucking awesome
the orphans don’t have curfews
-wearing t shirts that read fuck you
-and nothing says i love you
like cuddling beneath a mushroom - cloud
look at this wasteland , a Graceland for a daed elvis
walking these badlands with a vague plan head ache and a fist full of downers
picking up the pieces, searching for jesus -down the back of couches
just because i’m dead sharing beds with a succubus doesn’t mean that i’m fucking helpless
work shy pervert standing at the edge of earth throwing my dreams in
everything cheapened, guess thats the price of turning life into a weekend

wild beasts crumbling buildings
haunted by hordes -of mutant children
sewers are ozzing with rumors of cures for tumors
with enough youtube viewings
- of course its nonsense
answer to our problems
in the comments
opions of faceless millions 
the voice of god
shame he don’t love us
fuck him wear our cancer
like its a fashion point of pride
look outside cultural vacuum
so alive still nothing happens
keep on rapping why though?
popping a valium die slow
suicide app on my i phone
a hundred years from now it’ll be alright bro
toxic waste
amazing body of work with an ugly face
describing the beauty and death
that I’ve seen in the memory of a dream left me drunk and obsessed>
-now I’m quarantined
to obscurity picturesque horror scene
leather face in a comedy
laugh along with the dead like you know what it means
Track Name: Childhood
when i was young my parents used to lie to me a lot
my mother once told me the water from the hot tap was poisonous
on another occasion
my father said the sound of the waves breaking was a Taniwha
now i have a reckless imagination

my folks were working class hippies
which meant we ate organic granny smith apples
but it was ok to swear at the television
there was always a pack of dogs in our house
all of which my mother had composed songs for
my father smoked weed and played scrabble with local madmen
sometimes he'd sit for hours without speaking and then suddenly say something like Reconbockulating and refuse to elaborate
for a few months to rebel my sister became a born again Christian
and i was forbidden to eat mc Donald's or watch the A team
so i survived on Volgels bread and Easten European coming of age films
its funny how everyone thinks their normal

at age 7 my heros were Arnold schwarzenegger , Elvis Presley and the Velvet Underground
the boogieman was Robert Muldon
at gay fawkes we'd burn crude effigies of him in screaming bonfires
i remember protests
against the springbok tour
against Rogernomics
against nuclear testing
carnivals of desperate rage
parading down queen street
amongst this unrest
the rainbow warrior came to town
i had imagined something majestic
after all it was going save us from nuclear holocaust
but it was just a big green boat
and then some french spies blew it up
i had the same name as one of the agents

at my primary school
the decal rating was so low it had a decibel point in front of it
once the mayor came to talk to the school
we all sat on the field
while she gave her speech two dogs started fucking behind her
and this says all you need to know about Grey Lynn primary

everybody in the neighborhood was fluent in violence
they spoke it at school, the teachers to the students the parents to the teachers the students to me
my mother would scream it at us in the bath waving wooden spoons and plastic sandals
my father would mutter it throwing toys and televisions out onto the road
the older kids would hiss it in the streets after dark
to this day i understand the language perfectly but cant speak a word of it to save myself

my mother believed we wouldn't live to grow up
that nuclear bombs would rain down on us out any second
so she let us run wild in the sewers beneath our street
high on brown sugar and nightmares
it was the 80's things were different then

when i was young
it seemed like everything was crazy.
now I'm older i know that it is.
Track Name: Movies ft Hayley Couper
Watching Movies on dirty screens
I've been lost in a world of dreams
and it feels so real to me

I’m sitting in front of a broken screen
Feels like I woke from a dream
so surreal –now that the pain has ceased
all that remains is the stains on the sheets
From the days where we ran from sleep
And Made love in the gutter with the flames at our feet
-I never loved who you claimed to be
Rather the heart that beat beneath the fame Fantasy
Change channels, now I’m in melboune
Sharing my fears and my bed with this women
-We only got three things in common
Sex affection and a love of valium
Better than nothing
Better than suffering
Every evening
Sitting and watching that vampire movie you kept repeating
The one where your friends are bleeding you dry
And if the meaning of life is to find some piece of mind
Then their love is death
I really believe we should have fled to Cambodia
They have monkeys and opium there
We could have been so happy
But the vampires were hungry
- Your mother was crazy
And your t shirt empire was well past saving

Watching Movies on dirty screens
I've been lost in a world of dreams
and it feels so real to me

We could have had it all no less
Settled for fast food and slow death
After all those years
You’re stranger to me than the strangers that warm my bed
-Don’t you think it’s weird?
Living in the past with the dead
Replaying the movies of when you were famous
Staring at the glass in tears
Still - I gave you all I had to give
You took more and said it wasn’t shit
I understand- usually it’s the opposite
Me with the bloody bits of heart in my hands
So maybe this is karma for that shit
Or maybe this is melodramatic
Or maybe it’s trying to make sense
Of the course of events that actually happened
Whatever, go be famous on k road
Wasting time drinking wine with vapid assholes
Deny that you lived off my wages and royalties
Act like you supported me -please
I hope one of your get rich schemes
Means you live out the dreams
That we once shared in the beds behind the scenes
Of the movies that played in your head

Watching Movies on dirty screens
I've been lost in a world of dreams
and it feels so real to me

All my dreams have happy endings
so woke me when its over
Track Name: Mercy
we arrived some years ago
a million miles from home armed to the teeth
the words were scratched into the kitchen wall
the mercy
and though it was in english
we could not understand
but after endless days
on the veranda watching the sun rise and fall
nothing to do but let days burn
as animals dreamed up by a mad god
wander treeless plains
after months hiding beneath corrugated iron roofs while the sun shrieked overhead
after years of red sand filling our lungs and dreams
now it is perfect in its poetry
the mercy
of a new dawn
awaken in sweet soaked nightmares
the mercy
of laughing hysterically, red faced and wide eyed at nothing
the mercy
of the songs we sung as children
familiar on our tongues
twisting our hearts
till tears roll into our beards
the mercy
of letters from home
words that smell faintly of rain and forgiveness
the mercy
of suicide
respite from back breaking boredom
the mercy
of drinking the nights dead
falling through the house screaming your mothers name
bloody and half starved
waiting for orders
that will never arrive
the mercy
of fear and madness
the mercy
of rice paper fairy tales
the devil stalks this godless land
the mercy
of whores
with desert cunts and charcoal hearts
whispering the name of lost loves in beds of piss and death
the mercy
of memories of home
whittled down to shimmering perfection
the mercy
of death waiting patiently to take us from this burning hell
Track Name: Blood Ft Louie Knuxx
Theres Blood in my eyes

I haven’t seen it all but I seen enough
One more night like this and I’ve seen 2 much
There’s blood in my eyes where my dreams were cut
Now a days I survive on beans and luck

She says she -loves to fuck, who am I to argue
When this passive bloodlust has turned this life into a Cartoon
And you can pray at an alter or a bar stool
but you gotta pay either way when its last call
her reflection in my blood shot retinas
no love loss
no connection just sex till the big fuck off
a nonstop trip for the senses
ignorance is bless but innocence was better
I retrace baby steps, to been reborn with a hobby
bored and horny looking for something discovered porn and Chomsky
Now the world don’t look so warm and cuddly
behind the velvet rope they sell there souls so whores will love em
she said that’s nothing showed me the scars on her wrists
I laughed pulled out my heart put it on the bar with our drinks
Sitting like Kurtz at the end of the delta
spitting verse about the horror, living wild in the outta limits
she said finish your drink my place or yours
I’ll show you the time off your life
but I’ve seen it all before
I don’t believe in whores we just damaged children
Damned to dance with dozens damsels for a little feeling
A universe inside a madman’s dream
Where everyone can get the girl, play out a badlands scnce
She put her hand on my knee and knocked back her shot
Said I’m leaving are u coming? I was like fuck it why not

Every night has a come down
Every beauty fades
Every life has a curtain call
Every room’s a stage
Every dream has a morning
Every love fly’s away
There’s blood in my eyes zombie gaze

You will have to ask Todd for his verse as I can't be fucked typing it out